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Murrieta Child Support Lawyer

Handling Sensitive Family Law Issues

When you or your spouse decide to get a divorce, there are a number of issues which must be discussed and resolved. Although it would be wonderful if you could agree about everything, this is not always the case. When you are unable to make a decision about child support and go to litigation, you leave the matter in the judge's hands.

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How Is Child Support Determined in California?

A child support award is based strictly on a state determined calculation that takes certain factors into consideration, such as parents' incomes and the time one parent is responsible for the child versus the other. The court will input these factors into a formula and a Guideline Child Support Award is made. Quite often an award of child support will follow the order of custody and visitation schedule being set by the court.

It is important to keep in mind that just because both parents may share equal custodial time periods does not mean a zero child support award will result. Additional expenses for daycare and uncovered medical costs are often ordered to be shared equally between parents.

A few factors that may be considered when making a decision about child support include:

  • Financial assets and income
  • Proposed or existing child custody order
  • Current job and ability of each parent to work
  • Health and physical condition of each parent

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