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Guardianship Cases in Murrieta

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The state of California often gives priority to the parents of a child in custody cases. Unfortunately it isn't always the case when parents cannot properly provide for the health, safety, and welfare of their child. In those instances a third party may request custody of a child through a guardianship. Sometimes it is a grandparent, uncle, or aunt, but it does not always have to be a family member.

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When Is a Guardianship Appropriate?

Has a situation come up in your life which has led to the inability to care for your children? Or perhaps you are a grandparent or relative of a child who is not being properly cared for and you wish to step in and help. Whatever the case may be, child custody cases and matters of guardianship can get complicated quickly. Because the court is taking a child away from the custody of their parents, this can be a long and involved process and can included a battle over parental consent.

Understanding the Responsibilities of Legal Guardianship

The Department of Social Services conducts an investigation and an attorney is typically appointed for the child to determine if the guardianship is in the child's best interest. If it is determined that this is the case, there will be certain responsibilities the guardian must be willing and able to take on.

A few responsibilities of a guardian of a child include:

  • Deciding where the child will live
  • Ensuring that the child has shelter and food
  • Enrolling the child in school or child care
  • Ensuring the child has medical care
  • Ensuring that the child is properly cared for

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